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Welcome to Chicago International Soccer Club, commonly known as Chicago Inter. We are a soccer club participating in the Northern Illinois Soccer League (NISL) and the Illinois Woman's Soccer League (IWSL).

At the present time we are fielding teams from U8 to U18. Our base of operation is the Riverside/North Riverside/Brookfield area for boys and the Homer Glen area for girls. The girls' program has its own website:

We have a team of support coaches, all of whom have been or currently are professional soccer players from various parts of the world. Chicago Inter strives to provide the finest possible training for youth soccer players. We are devoted to instilling in young men and women a love for the beautiful game of soccer, while at the same time developing talented soccer players to allow them to play to the best of their abilities and to compete at the highest local, state, and national levels.

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What CISC Offers to Members:

Experiencing the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from dedication and teamwork

Achievement of excellence in the total development of the youth soccer player

Accomplishing a high level of soccer skills while developing each child's level of technical, tactical, and physical fitness through professional soccer training

Help and direction in locating college soccer scholarships.

A constructive environment in which the players can feel good about themselves, both as soccer players and as peopl.

And, most importantly, for the players to have as much fun as possible in the process or reaching their fullest potential!

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League Ranking:

When a club fields a new team with a division they're are ranked based on an unknown skill level and begin in the lowest ranking for the division. A team's ranking advances based on several components of which the two primary ones are their success ratio during the season and the coach's decision on whether to move up based on the teams overall performance.

As a our teams are young participants, the actual ranking is not as important as the experience of playing. At the younger ages we do not strive to be "premier" players, but rather to establish a strong skill set, full comprehension of the game and player conditioning. As the younger players move up the age ladder, we then strive to raise the ranking of our teams. At present, our U8 through U14 teams are playing at the red, silver and gold levels, while our older teams are playing in the platinum, classic, and premier levels.

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Joining Chicago Inter:

Everyone with an interest in soccer is encouraged to try out for Chicago Inter.

Tryouts are held in early June for the fall season and in February for the spring season.

When new players join the club, they will need to provide a completed application, a medical release form, and a copy of their birth certificate. The club must take a photograph of all of the items required in order to register the player with NISL or IWSL.

Chicago Inter charges a one-time membership fee of $50. This fee covers the cost of registration and a uniform. This fee is in addition to the fee charged per season to play with the team.

For 2009, the seasonal fee for players under 14 is $430 for the first child, and $330 for each additional child within a family who plays with the club. Ages 15 and up are $450 for the first player. Fees cover many different expenses which the organization incurs, including insurance, field rental, NISL/IWSL registration fees, referee fee, one tournament cost, payment to support coaches and more.

Chicago Inter works hard to keep the season fees as minimal as possible. From time to time it is necessary to increase the fees however. Fees are due for the spring season on March 1st and July 1st for the fall season.

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Uniforms are the property of the club for all teams. As a player progresses through the levels, they return one uniform and are issued another. That applies to their new size and team.

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Traditionally, every year Chicago Inter plays in the Back to School Tournament in early August.

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Winter Soccer:

Chicago Inter participates in indoor soccer each year. Dates, times and locations for winter soccer are provided close to the end of the fall season.

Winter soccer is not part of the NISL or IWSL. We play winter soccer to stay in shape and to constantly improve our skills. Fees for winter soccer are generally less than those for the spring and fall seasons.

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Summer Camps:


Information coming soon.

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Friends of CISC 

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